5 Sample 6 Month Workout Plans

More people are now aiming for a fit body and a good physique. A fit body can not just make a person look good it also boosts their confidence. Self-care and getting fit need a lot of dedication and hard work.

Regular working out can change your body and mind. It tones the muscles and builds body strength. A fit toned body needs more than exercise. It also needs diet plans, eating plans and food supplements. A well-scheduled dedicated workout routine with a planned diet is all you need.

A six-month Workout plan that includes exercise, tracking progress and diets. How in six months you can get ripped and make yourself look like a magazine model. Here in this article, you can find five workout plans that can help you build the desired result.


As a beginner people often wonder where to start and how many workouts they should do. This plan is for people who are starting to get fit or just restating their fitness habits. As a beginner, your body needs more time and rest to get started.

Daily exercise targeting different body parts is the best way to rest muscles and gain strength. This plan has different workouts and muscle training with equipment. Also diet supplements and a healthy protein diet. This workout plan is six months dedicated to a fit body effectively.


The target is muscle building and a full-body workout. In muscle building, the exercises are focusing on gaining muscles and reducing fats in the body.


As a beginner, working out for 3 days per week is good. General fitness and losing weight also help well if the body gets rests. If you want to work out on the other days then you can try cardio or another form of workout. The plan is 3 days Monday, Wednesday and Friday can be workout days. At weekends you can relax and rest your muscles. Try cardio on alternative free days if you want to lose weight fast.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Exercise mat, exercise ball, Dumbbells, cables, machines, bodyweight.

TIME: 45-60 minutes


* WEEK 1

In the first week do some fitness warm-up training like jogging and running for more than 30 minutes. warming up and preparing your body is very important before starting a muscle-building plan. This is called Cardiovascular activities In this way you can get an idea of how to fit your body is. You can do this every day in the first week of starting this plan workout.

* WEEK 2-5

In the next second to fifth weeks start doing muscle-building exercises. Each day does a set of exercises that target an area of muscle in your body. Don’t work out on the same part for two days in a row. workout for 3 days each week. Use a weight you are comfortable with. The weights can be increased after your muscles get some strength.

The exercises should be done 1-2 sets of each exercise for 15 reps. The exercises are Lunges or Assisted lunges, Overhead presses, Modified push-ups, Tricep extensions, Ball squats, Dumbbell rows, Bicep curls, Crunches on the ball and Back extensions


* LUNGES: This exercise can be done by standing that targets the lower body. It is good for thighs, glutes and hips. This exercise can be modified as you start to use weights and exercise balls. Drop your knee down on standing with your legs 3 feet apart from front to back. Touch your knee on the ground in alternative ways. Learn various lunges methods and use them in your routine.

* PUSHUP:A push-up targets the chest muscle and arms, core and legs. This exercise can be done by getting down on your hands and knees. Keep your hand apart and keep the core engaged. bend the elbows and push your body down and then up. Pushups can be modified and done with dumbbells.

* SQUATS: This is one of the promising exercises that target the gluteus maximum level. That is the biggest muscle in the lower body. They also work on your core, thighs, calves, and hips. In this exercise stand on your feet with your hips open and feet distance apart. then bend the knees lower and then press on your knees to stand.

* CRUNCHES: crunches build core strength and legs and abs building. In this exercise first lay down on your back and then push your upper body up with keeping your hand on your head. Keep your core tight and gradually increase speed. Various types of crunches can be included in your plan.

* In the next weeks increase your speed of the exercises and use weights. Try a new duration routine workout that includes making more continuous changes throughout the training. Continue learning new exercises and weight lifting. Push yourself and keep your goal in mind.

STRETCHING THE BODY: After exercise try a stretching routine to calm your muscles down. It can help your breathing and heartbeat to get normal again. Try stretching exercises like corpse pose, warrior pose, standing cat stretch or other poses.


Eat more eggs, ground beef, pork tenderloin, venison, chicken breast and fish like tilapia, salmon and cod.

Eat grains like rice, oatmeal, quinoa, cereal and bread. Also eat dairy products, beans, vegetables and fruits.

Almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, chia seeds and flax seeds.use olive oil and flaxseed oil for cooking. also diet supplements for muscle and energy.

Avoid sugar, alcohol and fried foods processed foods.


Sculpting a well-maintained physique with muscles can be achieved by heavy training. This plan is going to train you as a professional bodybuilder. This enables a fit mind and body that can impress people. So if you are already working out or going to the gym these plans or tips will help you change your body for strength training.

To get a fit body you need to maintain a goal and discipline and patience. Lifting and muscle gaining needs time and lots of heavy work. Sometimes heavy training can have injuries so always take precautions and proper backup.

A muscle training or strength training plan can include heavy bodybuilding and strength endurance.


Training preparation for strength and muscle building needs lots of mental and physical preparation. The first step is to get fit for heavy training. A person can’t just start weight lifting or other exercises before getting some fitness.

Get your body moving and test your body limits. Try cycling, jogging, cardio workouts and yoga to make your body prepared. Then try getting a gym membership or buy some equipment for lifting and heavyweight training.


The promising strategy to build muscle is to concentrate on high weight and low repetition exercises. Focusing on two of your body parts for a workout routine can be best.


Work out 1 can focus on chest and back exercises. Many chest and back exercises can be done for maximum muscle gain. Triceps Extension, Dumbbell Floor Press, Pushup, Pushup With Elevated Arm are great for the chest and back.


work out2 is for legs and abs strength. Choose some legs and abs exercises and then start adding weight to them. Try Bulgarian Split Squat, Goblet Squat, Reverse Lunge, Lateral Lunge, Glute Bridge for legs and abs.


Work out 3 to train shoulders and arms. In this divided routine you can focus on different parts of the body. Also, it helps to rest the body parts. Military Press and Supported Bent-OverRow are incredible options for arms and shoulders.



Keep your feet hip-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand and stand on the ground then Move your left leg forward for a 1-foot distance and downward your torso until both your legs make a seating angle. keep your position and take your right leg backwards. keep it for a moment then go back to your standing position. Do this on a rep 15 times.


Push your hips-width apart and make your feet wide. Remember to make your hips push outward than your feet. Then bend down with your knees like sitting in a chair position. keep your neck, back and spine straight. Do this with a dumbbell for muscle improvements.


Grab a set of dumbbells in each hand in a straight standing position. keep the body low and bring your hand forward and pull with elbows backwards by pushing the shoulder blades. Pause for a moment and then lower your dumbbell in the forward direction. Do this in 15 reps.


Sit on a bench or stand on your feet straight. Grab your dumbbells on both hands. push your hand upwards by pushing your elbows. stretching your hand over your head and breath in and out. bring your hands down after a moment to complete the exercise. Do it in 15 reps.


Protein-rich foods and healthy foods are recommended for muscle gain.3 whole eggs a day and lots of water to keep your body hydrated. You can also eat six egg whites without the yellow part. Eat proteins and omega 3 foods like tuna, salmon, chicken breasts. also Greek yoghurt, lean beef, lean pork, buckwheat, cottage cheese, soya bean mussels, chickpeas, green beans, lentils, nuts, peanuts, cashews. Cook on olive oil, coconut oil or sesame oil. Boil or steam your food.

Avoid unhealthy foods like deep-fried, fast food, alcohol and also quit smoking.


Yoga is a form of exercise that helps people sculpt their bodies from ancient times. It is a technique that can build strength and flexibility. It also helps to breathe and many-body organs to rejuvenate and strengthen. Yoga is maintaining postures that include breathing techniques.

It doesn’t require any equipment. The only thing needed is a yoga mat. You can also do yoga on a carpet or mat that is already available in the house. Yoga tones all body muscles and also increases muscle endurance.


Yoga is a workout form that can keep you healthy for a long time. Its benefits are many and it is easy to start. Yoga can be difficult for some people in the beginning. So practising yoga every day will help the posture get better over time. The hard part is holding the posture and relaxing your mind and body. In starting you can do yoga every day in the morning or afternoon. Slowly you can increase the timing and try different yoga poses. The body will gain flexibility and strength in this process.



In the first week, you can try some easy beginner yoga poses. Some of the poses like a mountain, chair, forward fold, warrior, downward-facing dog, triangle, cow, cat, child pose, cobra, bridge pose and many more. These are called asanas of yoga poses.


In the 3rd week, you can start some more difficult poses. You can challenge yourself with Half Spinal Twist Pose, seated forward bend, Wind-Relieving Pose, The Cow Face Pose, The Bow Pose, wheel pose, shoulder stand, boat pose and many others.


Months later, you can see your body getting flexible and your mind relaxed. In this time you can continue doing the same routine yoga poses you like.Also, you can add new yoga poses to explore more. Some difficult yoga poses need a lot of practice. You can try headstand, handstand Scorpion, split pose, crane pose, King dancer pose and many others. You can only try these poses if you feel your body is flexible enough. Otherwise don’t try or it can be uncomfortable.

Continue doing yoga every day for 6 months to see the results. It will build muscles and also tone your body effectively. Constantly push yourself and fix your posture by maintaining body balance. In yoga, you can see the results a lot later.

The process takes time but the results can be amusing. Keep doing routined yoga without skipping a day. You can do yoga or 3 days a week if you have a busy schedule. Make sure you dedicate 30 to 40 minutes to focusing your mind and body.



Stand straight on your mat and keep your weight on your left foot. Then slowly raise your right foot and take it up to your inner thigh. You can use your hand to raise your feet and place it in the thigh if you are a beginner. keep your hand on your chest level like a prayer sign. Keep this position for three to four breaths. You can take your hand over the head without breaking the prayer hands. Keep steady and relaxed as you breathe in and out.


Stand on your mat and take your left foot backward bending, then your right foot forward at a 90-degree angle. Keep your hands as a prayer sign and take it over your head. Keep your body straight and your hips forward. Your torso should be in a vertical and upright position. Hand up as a prayer sign as if trying to touch the ceiling. Keep these positions for some time. Come back to a normal position and do the same with the alternate leg.


Lower your elbows and touch the ground with your shoulder apart from your body. Lift your body weight on your feet. keep your backbone straight and away from the floor. On your toes and elbows.Tuck your hand in a fist. Keep this position for 1 minute. Make sure your core is engaged and your belly tucked inside.


Keep the diet chemical-free. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water. Eat seeds, wholemeal bread, milk, cheese, butter, honey, herbs, almond milk, coconut milk, nuts like almonds and cashews, plant-based oils and sweet spices. You can follow this yogic diet or can follow any other protein-based diet.


There are many types of dance workout plans that you can try. This way you can remain healthy and energetic. If normal workouts are tough and tiring and none enjoyable then try these dance workout plans that you can do for months.


These workouts are a mixture of ballet and yoga. It also includes minimal weight use. Itfocused on posture, stability, balance and strengthening the core. It is a good dance to build muscle, body flexibility, strength and toning sculpted body.


Cardio dance involves hip movements and swinging also chest activities. It also involves legs and arms and tones it down. The pace of this dance is really fast and it can make you sweat. This is a great way to stay fit and lose some weight.


These dance forms are predictive and sensual movements. Pole dancing involves a lot of core muscles and legs and hands. The postures and movements are mainly done on a pole. It helps your legs and hands to strengthen and build muscle.

Bellydancing is done by belly and hip movements. It is good for the legs, hips and belly flexibility.


These are called aerobic dancing. It is done in salsa music and Latin music. If you like this form of dancing then you can choose these as a fitness routine.



Dedicate 30 minutes of your day to dancing. Try slow-paced workout dances. take rest 1 to 2 days a week.


Try fast dance movements or different forms to keep yourself motivated and entertained. Keep doing the everyday routine for at least 6 months to see proper results.

Dancing is an easy way to make yourself fit and tone down your body. It increases the heart rate and works on full-body strengthening.


Diet is an essential thing in working out. Without a proper diet, the body can get tired. The body needs proper nutrition to keep producing energy. Only exercising is not helpful. It can burn your calories but it also needs more calories for fitness and proper health. Here are some diet plans that you can eat daily.


* Oatmeal & fruits, fruit Juice
* Oats Banana Pancakes with protein Shake
* 6 egg omelette with spinach
* protein pancakes with fresh berries
* scrambled egg whites with cheese, peppers, herbs, and brown bread
* 2 bagels with peanut butter
* Poached eggs, salmon and avocado


* chicken breasts and Avocado bell pepper salad
* Tinned tuna, quinoa, avocado and broccoli vegetable salad
* Quinoa upma, chicken and broccoli salad
* grilled fish with a mixed vegetable salad and broccoli
* Grilled chicken salad and Whole Grain Bread
* Grilled fish with vegetable wrapped tortillas
* Whole Grain Chicken Wrap
* Grilled chicken breast, black beans and avocado salad
* Black Beans, Peppers & Greek Yogurt
* Grilled salmon fish with yoghourt and bell pepper avocado salad


* Bananas
* Toast with Jam
* apple slices and almonds
* protein shake
* apples with natural nut butter
* Mixed Nuts & Dried Fruits
* Toast with Peanut Butter
* Greek yoghurt with berries and nuts
* Granola or Cereal
* whey protein shake


* Broken wheat khichdi along with carrot raita, egg white, and vegetable salad
* shrimp stir-fried with bell brown rice over spinach
* broiled fish, green beans with brown rice
* Lean Beef and vegetable curry, brown rice, cucumber raita, Baby Potatoes
* Chicken Stir Fry, Spring Onion, Peppers & Broccoli, Chocolate Milk
* grilled fish with quinoa and green beans
* sirloin steak with sweet potato and asparagus
* (Post-Workout) Fish curry, boiled green peas salad, Brown Rice, Milk

Eat frequently and stay hydrated. Eat everyday healthy and make sure to avoid foods that are not good for your metabolism. You can cheat days 1 day or 2 days in a month. Eating healthy snacks is also important. Keep nuts and dry fruits with yourself to keep your cravings fulfilled.

Last but not least if you want to follow a training plan you need to stay focused and determined. Don’t lose hope to keep working hard and push your limits. You can see results if you follow a precisely well-planned routine.

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