Benefits Of Eating Raw Eggs Bodybuilding Pre And Post Workout

For bodybuilders to conquer a challenging workout, they need the requisite fuel from food or energy. Having adequate energy provides you with more power and strength. Also, it helps you to be more productive when you do an intense workout. Moreover, bodybuilders focus more on what to eat pre and post workout.

That way, it provides them with the right nutrients before and after exercise. However, certain foods have many health benefits compared to others. And, they provide the energy to make your workout sessions effective.

You may hear suggestions from fellow fitness enthusiasts that can even include strict diets. However, eggs are one of the best foods that you can consume during this period. But, what about consuming raw eggs? Are they healthy and beneficial?

This post explains the benefits of eating raw eggs bodybuilding pre and post workout so that you stay informed about it. Also, you get to know other aspects of eating raw eggs. So, continue reading the post.


The diet that you take before and after a workout session has an important role to play when it comes to your fitness journey. Also, it plays a significant role in developing your overall health and wellbeing. Keep in mind that the nutrients that you consume impact your workout sessions and overall results.

When you fast before taking on a vigorous exercise, it makes you feel dizzy and light-headed. As a result, providing fuel to your body in the form of healthy protein or carbohydrates can give you maximum energy. That way, you can get adequate energy to give your best performance.

Furthermore, it is wise to choose meals or snacks that have high protein content before exercise. Also, to keep you recharged after an intense workout, protein-rich diets are effective. In short, eating protein pre and post-workout provides you with several advantages and impressive results.

So, if your bodybuilding goals include building muscles part from preventing injuries like muscle tearing and so on, a power-packed protein meal pre and post-workout can benefit you a lot. Moreover, if your strength workouts involve weightlifting, you have to include protein in your diet.

Protein helps you to repair tiny tears that your muscle experiences while having intense workout sessions. Muscle tears tend to happen when you are carrying heavyweights. So, whether you decide to have a snack or meal after or before your workout, choose foods with great protein intake.

When you eat proteins after and before a workout, it provides your body with the required nutrients. That way, it refuels your body and keeps you recharged throughout the day. Consuming protein before exercise provides you with the energy needed to perform. And, eating foods rich in protein after an exercise gives your body strength because it depleted much energy.


There is no denying that action movies and a handful of actors have inspired people for intense training sessions. Eggs are always considered a perfect food and it made its presence available in the bodybuilding world as well. Moreover, many believed that you can get the most out of it by not cooking them.

That’s because the heat destroys some portions of vitamins and proteins. Now, that was crucial for building because many thought that when you ingest more protein, the more muscles you will have. However, studies revealed that it is better to have cooked eggs rather than having a raw ones.

The study proved that 90% of protein gets absorbed when you consume a cooked egg compared to only 50% from a raw egg. Moreover, the fact that some bodybuilders consume raw eggs instead of cooking because of laziness can’t be ruled out either. They add raw eggs to their protein shakes to increase their protein intake.


Eating a raw egg could be the easiest way to gain a lot of protein. However, if you intend to consume raw eggs, the FDA recommends eating pasteurized eggs. And, they have a good reason for that as well. The risks of having salmonella infection are higher when you eat raw eggs.

The pasteurized eggs are heated to an extent that the bacteria causing this infection no longer exist. Raw eggs have protein and other nutrients in abundance. Furthermore, fatty acids improve your metabolism. With most of the important amino acids present in eggs, they meet about 27% of daily choline needs too.

Also, they are an excellent source of Vitamin D, Vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Precisely, one raw egg contains 5 grams fat, 6 grams protein, 72 calories, and 186 milligrams of cholesterol. In addition to the nutrients and vitamins found in raw eggs, they are rich in antioxidants. Here are some of the health benefits associated with eating raw eggs.

* PROVIDES MORE ENERGY – There is no question that eggs are packed with loads of nutrients and they make you feel full. Also, you feel more energized to take on daily activities. Not to forget that they are rich in protein and good sources of amino acids.

* BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM – Because high levels of vitamin B12 and vitamin A are present in eggs alongside antioxidants and other important nutrients, they are helpful when it comes to having a great immune system.

* HELPS YOUR BRAIN FUNCTION BETTER – The amount of chlorine that is found in eggs is important to have a healthy brain so that it functions better. Because eggs are rich in nutrients, a single egg is a great source of choline.

* IMPROVES YOUR HEART HEALTH – Eggs have good cholesterol and they are in good amounts. Good cholesterol protects your heart from bad cholesterol and keeps it in good shape. However, eggs do contain bad cholesterol and so it is crucial to limit both of them. Moreover, eggs are rich in Omega-3S and fatty acids, which help to bring down bad cholesterol significantly.

So, that was all about the health benefits of consuming raw eggs. But, are they beneficial if someone eats them pre and post workout? Or, what are the potential side effects, if any? Let’s discuss them in the sections below.


As said, eating raw eggs provides you with the energy you need during the workout session. Many bodybuilders tend to eat raw eggs before exercise so that they can get a boost in physical strength.

Raw eggs are an excellent source of protein and are effective before a workout. Here are some of the important benefits of eating this high-protein content food before heading out to an intense workout.


When you eat raw eggs before a workout, it helps you to build strength and energy. This becomes important because you need lots of nutrients to make your muscles strong. When you are training hard, you need enough energy to get you going.

And, raw eggs provide you with the requisite fuel. Moreover, eating raw eggs before power training helps to repair minute tears that occur in muscle fiber sometimes.


Raw eggs have low calories, which accounts for 70 to 100 calories an egg. Also, it depends on its size as well. Moreover, the egg yolk and egg white are rich sources of protein that carry you through a rigorous workout session. In short, it takes your performance to the next level.

Eggs are a good source of important nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin A, and amino acids. All these nutrients are important to build your muscles and repair minor tears.


Eating raw eggs before a workout helps your body to burn fats during workouts. This is the reason why many bodybuilders choose to eat raw eggs because they want to get rid of the fat as fast as they can. Consuming raw eggs before a workout is one of the best ways to burn fat during exercise.


Fitness enthusiasts tend to eat raw eggs post workout. They believe that doing so helps to develop lean muscles over time. Eggs have healthy fats and protein in high amounts. Despite this, there is confusion about the presence of cholesterol in raw eggs that could harm your body.

However, those kinds of cholesterol don’t correlate with the levels of cholesterol that are found in the blood levels. As such, there is nothing to worry about cholesterol getting in the way of your health. Here are some reasons why eating raw eggs after a workout could prove beneficial.


When you are done maneuvering with heavy stuff, having some amounts of protein is the best way to increase your protein synthesis. Precisely, it is all about taking amino acids from the food and stuffing them into the muscles.

That way, you can have a strong, toned muscle that grows bigger within a specific time. Certain bodybuilders want to crank up their muscles hard and they use supplements that contain leucine. As it turns out to be, consuming 4 whole eggs covers this requirement.


Insulin is a great fuel selector. When it is low, it burns fat and when the levels are high, it burns carb with less fat. Bodybuilders who do high-intensity training take a break of about 3 to 8 hours. Also, this is the time required for the glycogen stores to get refilled.

Because eggs have a low insulin index, they don’t cause much issue when it comes to an insulin spike. Moreover, raw eggs clock in at 31 compared to potatoes, which is 121, and white bread, which is 100. When the number is low, less insulin is produced and helps the body to burn more fat.


Because cholesterol is important and aids in protein synthesis, having raw eggs following a workout is crucial. Most bodybuilders tend to have loads of raw eggs and claim that their cholesterol levels are in the right place. Furthermore, several studies have confirmed the same.

Higher amounts of protein tend to offer you with metabolic advantage. That way, it helps to grow your muscles fast without giving you fat. Eggs are high in protein. So, high protein equals less fat and helps your body gain lean muscle.


Apart from the healthy benefits of eating raw eggs, they could be dangerous if they accompany a certain type of bacteria called salmonella. It is assumed that in one out of every 20,000 eggs, the chances of salmonella are higher. It is a kind of bacteria that is found in food that can cause vomiting, cramps, fever, and even diarrhea.

However, in the case of extreme infection, you may develop severe, chronic, or even life-threatening problems after eating food contaminated with this bacteria. It might surprise you, but salmonella is responsible for around 30 deaths in the US each year. You experience illness one to three days after consuming food with this bacteria in it.

Furthermore, you can get seriously ill anywhere between twenty minutes and six weeks after the bacteria enter your body. Typically, if you want to kill the bacteria, you have to cook the egg thoroughly. So, if you want to have a recipe that requires undercooked or raw eggs, ensure that the bacteria are destroyed through pasteurization. Also, you can use a pasteurized egg.


Having raw eggs along with a bowl of ramen right after your training should be the best choice. Noodles contain carbohydrates that are easy to digest. That way, it helps you to restore energy. Moreover, the soup prevents your body from dehydration.

However, everyone should practice safety measures to ensure that they don’t get sick. Keep in mind that consuming raw eggs come with its risk. It is like taking a calculated risk and not everyone knows how to put it to perfection. Here are some safety measures to avoid getting infected with salmonella.

* Always buy pasteurized eggs
* Buying them from farmer’s market is a good option
* Wash the eggs nicely before consuming them
* Also, keeps the eggs refrigerated and take them out when needed
* Break the eggs in a separate bowl
* Try not to get the eggshell fragments on the bowl
* Wash your hands with water and soap after handling a raw egg
* Use a hand sanitizer for better results

So, those were some of the safety measures that you can take from preventing salmonella to get inside your body and cause undesirable problems. However, using raw eggs with hot noodles doesn’t mean that you are consuming them raw.

The hot fluid cooks the raw egg to an extent. However, this style of cooking isn’t approved by the FDA that requires firm cooking of both the egg whites and the yolks. If you like to have eggs with ramen but are not sure about the safety measure, you can have the egg soft or hard-boiled.


By now, you have a clear understanding of the facts concerning eating raw eggs. However, raw eggs should be avoided at any cost under certain circumstances. If you don’t have a good immune system, avoid consuming raw eggs.

Also, young children, elderly people, and pregnant women should stay away from raw eggs. Furthermore, people under chemotherapy or suffering from certain diseases that are related to immunity must avoid them as well.


Despite the risk elements that raw eggs carry, it is good to know that you can eat raw eggs for bulking. All you have to do is add them to your pre and post workout diet and you are good to go. Adding them to your protein powder or smoothies can work wonders for your workout regime.


One of the popular misconceptions about health and fitness is that having raw eggs will give you more protein compared to others. While raw eggs contain more protein content, they harbor unhealthy bacteria as well. Therefore, having a raw egg heightens the chances of getting infected with salmonella bacteria.

Because of that, you can develop symptoms such as vomiting, fever, cramps, or other kinds of stomach-related issues. Apart from that, the bacteria can lead to serious illnesses or can be life-threatening. While having a good source of protein benefits you in your exercise, there is a safer way to consume eggs.

So, if you find a pre or post workout diet that consists of a meal involving an uncooked egg, it is best to avoid it and follow another recipe that tastes delicious and healthy. Moreover, when you choose to eat cooked eggs instead of uncooked ones, it provides you with more protein. And, several studies have proved that as well.


One of the important factors that you need to consider when planning your training sessions is timing. Precisely, it is about having snacks or meals before and after a workout. When you eat food at the right time, it helps to improve your overall performance.

Also, it helps to prevent cramping or dealing with an upset stomach. So, try to eat the eggs for at least 1 to 2 hours before getting on with your training. As you know, eggs are protein-packed, low in calories, and provide lots of healthy fats and important vitamins, you should take a little precaution.

If you eat too close to your training session, it can lead to stomach cramps. Moreover, your blood will flow to the muscles instead of helping in digesting food. So, consider the exact time that you plan to start your exercise. If you visit the gym in the morning, eat the eggs about an hour before after waking up early.

If you like to exercise after breakfast, take a light meal so that you feel comfortable while doing exercise. When you have finished your workout, try to replenish your body within 2 hours. Include raw eggs along with other food and have your post-workout meal. It helps to improve muscle recovery.


While most people plan to include a lot of protein in their meals, they don’t know how many eggs should be fine. The right amount of eggs depends on your lifestyle, tolerance, and health history. That’s the reason why it is not easy to come up with how many eggs you need.

Raw eggs contain cholesterol, vitamins, protein, and healthy fats. You may associate cholesterol with different types of heart issues, but eggs contain good cholesterol without altering the bad ones. Also, the number of eggs that you can eat hampers your diet and activity level.

In general, active and healthy people can consume up to 3 eggs. However, if you struggle with cholesterol, have a sedentary lifestyle, or are overweight, it is wise to eat one egg per day and not more than that.


Apart from having eggs as the only means to provide protein before and after a workout, here is some food that you may consider and include in your diet.

* Chicken breasts
* Tuna
* Salmon
* Lean beef
* Pork tenderloin
* Buckwheat
* Tilapia
* Turkey breasts
* Cottage cheese
* Soybeans
* Mussels
* Oysters
* Nuts
* Quinoa
* Lentils, chickpeas, and beans
* Peanuts

All these foods have rich protein content and you can have them other than eggs. They provide the important nutrients needed for bodybuilding.


Eggs are important for bodybuilders and have good reasons. However, the old belief that consuming raw eggs can provide maximum benefit has been proven wrong. Also, it is unsafe as well. Humans can absorb proteins efficiently from cooked eggs compared to raw.

Furthermore, cooking reduces the chances of getting infected by salmonella, which causes undesirable suffering to the body. To maximize muscle gain, eat more egg white.

While there are benefits of eating raw eggs pre and post workout, take safety precautions before having them.

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