how long does it take to get abs + body fat percentage

How Do Ab Muscles Form?

Chiseled, ripped abs are the ultimate goal for most fitness enthusiasts. You need the right help and mindset to turn your dreams of 6-packs or even 8-packs abs into a reality. For most people, their abdominal muscles are covered by a layer of fat. Some deal with subcutaneous fat where the fat is found near the surface of the skin. On the other hand, others face the problem of visceral fat where the fat is located deep within the abdominal cavity itself. So, forming ab muscles for you will depend on the amount of body fat you have. For a chiseled midsection, you need to reduce your body fat as soon as possible. Here everything you need to know about reducing fat and forming abs has been mentioned for your better understanding. So, read on to know more.

how long does it take to get abs


As mentioned before, the ab formation will depend on the body fat percentage that you will be starting with. Generally, it is recommended to lose about 1-2% of body fat each month to get abs fast. If you follow this, then you will get the abs of your dreams anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. Take help from a certified personal trainer or registered dietitian or exercise professional to know your correct body fat percentage. You can take the help of an online body fat percentage calculator as well.

Ideally, the body fat percentage for women should be anywhere from 14-19% and 6-13% for men to make abs visible on the body’s midsection. If your body fat percentage is 10% or less, then you should know that abs will appear on their own to some extent. You just need to work on it and maintain the body fat percentage to flaunt your abs. However, it is very difficult to maintain this body fat percentage; you will need lots of discipline, dedication, and patience.

Now let’s see how long it will take to form abs based on your beginning body fat percentage:

* 15% BODY FAT

It will take a woman a few weeks to form abs. On the other hand, for men, it will take around 4-6 weeks. If you are at this body fat percentage then you are considered to be healthy. You will notice some definition in your legs, arms, and midsection. So, all you have to do is just work on it to get well-defined abs according to the book.

* 20% BODY FAT

It will take 1-3 months for a woman with 20% body fat to gain abs. On the other hand, a man may need 3-6 months to form abs. If you have this body fat percentage, then you are considered healthy. However, the fat to muscle ratio is still tilted toward the former. Your fitness and nutrition routine will impact how quickly you will form the ab muscles.


If your body fat percentage is 30% or more, then you will be considered obese. You might be facing a number of chronic health conditions. So, it will take a long time to effectively form abs for both men and women. Generally, it may take 1-2 years to form abs by a woman with this body fat percentage. For a man, it might take anywhere from 10 months to 2 years.


By now you must know how long it will take you to form abs. Fortunately; there are many ways by which you can speed up the process. Some effective ways to form ab muscles quickly are as follows:


Muscles are created at the gym and also in the kitchen. You need to input whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, lean protein, eggs, nuts, beans, legumes, and other nutrition-rich food items. These foods contain minerals and vitamins that will help you to lose fat and gain muscles faster. You need to cut down on processed or refined food if you want to gain abs.


Compared to a slow, long cardio workout session, a vigorous cardio workout routine will help you to lose fat quicker. According to ACE, high-intensity cardio exercises come with an after-burn effect that will ensure at a higher rate your body keeps on burning calories after a workout session. Your main aim is to build muscles and not burn fat. So, try to incorporate core workouts into your routine.


If you have more muscles, then you will be able to burn fat faster. Thus, resistance or strength training is recommended to form ab muscles quickly. You need to add multi-joint exercises to your workout routine. So, add deadlifts, squats, rows, and biceps curls. You can add this along with your core cardio exercises or move on to strength/resistance exercise to get a better result in your midsection. To make it more challenging, you can even add weights.


How quickly you will form abs depends on your body fat percentage. If your percentage is higher than your target, then you need to lower your calories intake per day. You have to consider the fact that your body requires calories in order to thrive as it provides energy. So, it is highly recommended that you start by lowering your calorie intake per day by no more than 500 calories. Ideally, it will help you to lose about 1 pound each week. If you are working out (as recommended) then you can cut only 250 calories intake as you can burn the remaining calories by working out regularly.


As you will be working hard at the gym and watching your food intake, you need to increase your intake of protein if you want your abs to form quickly. You have to cut back on your calorie intake, you need extra protein as it encourages the body to gain or even maintain muscles. One of the easiest ways to add more protein to your everyday diet is by consuming protein shakes/drinks. You can have the protein shake/drink before and after a workout to make the session more effective.

There you have it; these were everything that you need to know about reducing fat and gaining abs. You need to research well on the provided information to make sure you can form ab muscles as soon as possible. Doing this alone can make the process difficult. Thus, it is highly recommended that you take the necessary help. You can choose from hundreds of effective online videos and tutorials to accurately work on your abs. You also have the option to join a gym. You will stay motivated if you consider going to the gym. Besides, you will get help from expert trainers and qualified dietitians as well.

How Long Does It Take To Build Abs?

If one of your priorities is to achieve a chiseled, well-defined stomach, you may be thinking how long it requires to get that six-pack. However, it will most likely take much longer than you anticipate. So take your time.

Burning the subcutaneous belly fat that rests between the ab regions and the surface is the secret to obtaining six-pack abs. Although if you maintain a strict dietary and workout plan, reducing that fat can take six months or even more, based on the body weight, genes, and nutrition methods.


The amount of time it needs to develop six-pack abs is determined by one’s body fat ratio, food, and exercise levels. Abdominal muscles, sometimes referred to as abs, are found in everyone. Due to the fat that surrounds them, these abs may not be seen. Most fat is closer to the surface of the skin but fat can be found deep into the abdominal wall. It is referred to as visceral fat.

For many people to see their abs, they must shed at least a 50percent of their body fat. According to fitness experts, losing 1percent of body fat every month is safe and achievable. Given these figures, achieving six-pack abs will necessitate:

* Women need 20 to 26 months
* Men need 15 to 21 months

According to much research, 12 weeks of resistance training combined with aerobic activity may be more effective than aerobic exercise in decreasing fat.


Men and women have different desired body fat percentages because females require a specific quantity of fat to ovulate. A person can believe that to acquire a six-pack, they must eat much less. Those who shed 1–2 pounds each week, on the other hand, are more likely to sustain their fat loss than those who lose more than three pounds every week.


A nutritious diet is vital for everyone trying to lose weight, but it is necessary for people struggling to lose weight.

A high-protein diet, when combined with resistance training, aids in the development of strength and muscular hypertrophy. A greater protein intake may aid in muscle mass reduction while a person is not exercising.

It is possible to consume the appropriate quantity of protein while lowering calorie consumption. A high-protein meal combined with a 500–700 calorie deficit can help to avoid muscle loss.

In the realm of diet and fitness, there’s a lot of sound and disinformation, so it’s crucial to make sure you’re on the right track for your specific needs. To begin, ladies should have a body fat percentage of 14 to 19 % and males should have a body fat percentage of 6 to 13 % to watch their middle muscles pop. Reaching under 10% fat may appear to be cosmetically pleasing, but it requires commitment and discipline.

The body will despise being here and may use each technique to persuade you to consume more since it believes you are hungry. It’s worth noting that unless you’re a weight lifter or an excellent athlete, you don’t have to be under 10% body fat to see the abs. Most body fat is beneficial. You require it to live.


The number one guideline for good nutrition is to focus on less processed, natural foods. Putting entire meals at the front of the daily to-do list, irrespective of ab-revealing ability, helps you obtain plenty of vitamins while preventing cravings. Fruit, veggies, fish, lean meats, and good fats like avocado and seeds are part of a calorie restriction diet.


Carbohydrates are a beneficial source of energy, and you must consume complex carbs in a regular diet. Fruit, vegetables, and legumes are all examples of this.

For the time being, leave the macaroni on the back stove and concentrate on root vegetables, quinoa, pumpkin, and oats. Most of the carbohydrates must come from veggies on the way to a six-pack, high-quality carbs have their role.


Fiber-rich foods are excellent for weight loss. Fiber-rich meals require a long time to digest, in addition to containing a large source of nutrients. When it comes to burning fat, non-starchy foods must be a diet constant. They’re gems with enough fiber and water to keep you happy while being moderate in calories. Go for at least Four non-starchy food meals per day.


Getting a chiseled pair of six-pack abs is a dream embraced by many people, whether they want to wish to fulfill their exercise goals or want to feel nice in a swimsuit.


Any sort of activity that will increase the heartbeat is known as cardio exercise. Cardio may make you sweat fat and build six-pack abs if you incorporate it into the diet. Cardio is particularly good in decreasing abdominal fat, which can assist to make the core muscles more noticeable, according to studies.

Around 20–40 minutes of medium to strenuous movement every day is recommended. The muscles must be exercised to gain muscle mass and achieve six-pack abs. However, these exercises will not help you in building abs. You need to take care of your diet if you want to get better results.


HIIT includes rotating between strong bursts of action and brief intervals of rest. These exercises will increase the heart beat and boost fat burning.


Calories, carbohydrates, fat, and salt are higher in processed meals like chips, cakes, biscuits, and packaged foods. Furthermore, these meals are deficient in nutrients including fiber, protein, antioxidants, and minerals. Eliminating these harmful junk foods from the routine and replacing them with nutritious meals can assist you to lose weight, losing belly fat, and attaining six-pack abs.

It is because digesting full foods high in protein and fiber needs more effort, which means you’ll burn calories and maintain the metabolism going. Whole-food ingredients like lean protein keep you full for longer, reducing desires and assisting with weight loss. Fruits, veggies, and legumes are all healthier options for frozen dinners, bakery items, and salty foods.

Here are 13 ways on how you can get six-pack abs fast.

1. Engage in a Lot of Cardio

Referred to as aerobic exercises, this form of workout increases your heart rate while helping you burn belly fat. Through that, you will be able to lose stubborn fat faster and achieve six-pack abs sooner. Unlike other exercises, cardio is very easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Cardio workouts such as swimming, biking, walking, and running are fun and rewarding.

2. Focus More on Exercising Abdominal Muscles

If your ideal fitness goal is a set of six-pack abs, then your exercises should focus more on strengthening the abdominal muscles. The muscle in question here is the rectus abdominis which stretches vertically along your abdomen. Exercises perfect for abdominal muscles include planks, bridges, and crunches. Add more of these to your workout routine.

3. Boost Protein Intake

Proteins are known to support muscle growth, and they can be quite helpful in achieving six-pack abs. They also promote feelings of fullness, which will help reduce the amount of calories you consume in a day. Ensure that you add legumes, dairy products, nuts, eggs, and meat to your diet.

4. Switch to High-Intensity Interval Training

This cardiovascular exercise comprises short, intense aerobics and less recovery durations until one is completely exhausted. HIIT is a popular workout nowadays, and it has got many benefits, one of them being – helping you get six-pack abs faster. This form of exercise is more effective when done at least three times a week for a duration of about 20 to 30 minutes. HIIT can be very demanding for beginners. Therefore, you can start with shorter workout periods such as 5 minutes and gradually increase them with time.

5. Drink Enough Water

When you are working out, water is essential as it boosts metabolism and contributes to the burning of stubborn fat. Other than that, water is an integral part of your diet. All these benefits contribute to assisting you in achieving six-pack abs faster. Therefore, stay hydrated.

6. Keep Off Processed Food

Your diet is as important as your workouts if you want to have a six-pack. Certain meals such as processed foods can hinder you from achieving your fitness goals. Switch to healthier meals that are rich in fiber and protein.

7. Also, Avoid Refined Carbs

While we are still on dieting, we need to list all the foods that come in between you and your objective of having a six-pack. Refined carbs also belong in this category. These foods add more fat to your body, and they can spike your blood sugar levels, thus increasing feelings of hunger. If you want to have a six-pack, the first thing you need to do is avoid pastries and other processed foods altogether.

8. Eat Lots of Fiber Instead

Now that processed foods and refined carbs are out of your diet, what should you eat? Opt for foods rich in fiber. These will make you feel fuller for longer. And that will prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. And this means that your workouts will pay off by revealing a set of six-pack abs.

9. Switch to Natural Carbs

The internet has misled people into thinking that carbs are your body’s worst enemy. But, these foods are our primary source of energy. The only problem is that too many carbs will make you gain weight. If you want a six-pack, you should switch to natural carbs such as oatmeal and brown rice. These will keep you energetic. Ensure that you limit the amount of carbs you consume in a day.

10. Exercise Smartly

A lot of people engage in unnecessary workouts when they finally decide to carve out a six-pack. Doing thousands of crunches in a day isn’t going to give you abs sooner. You need to step back, research and discover a combination of exercises that will target abdominal muscles and reveal the abs hidden beneath the layers of fat.

One of the most beneficial strategies that you can use is combining aerobics, weightlifting, and high-intensity interval training. Regular practice of these three types of workouts will reward you with a six-pack in no time. Do not avoid crunches altogether. These exercises also help with strengthening abdominal muscles. Try out different types of crunches.

11. Do Not Forget about Planks

Considered a must-do ab exercise by many fitness enthusiasts, planks can assist in developing a six-pack. Plank workouts engage your abdominal muscles as well as those in your back and shoulders. These, too, need to be included in your workout routine. Familiarize yourself with the different types of planks.

12. Come Up with a Routine and Stick to It

From the above guide, you now know what you need to do to have six-pack abs. We have covered both diet and exercise. It is up to you to create a routine and stick to it strictly. Remember when we said that discipline is crucial if you want abs? The more serious you are with exercising and dieting, the sooner you will achieve your fitness goals.

13. Finally, Get Yourself Some Well-Deserved Shut-Eye

Sleep is vital as it allows the body to rest and recover from the intense workouts you did during the day. When you stay up late, you wake up feeling fatigued, and this can make you feel too lazy to work out. Plus, people who don’t get enough sleep eat a lot of calories. This will come in between your fitness goal of achieving a six-pack.

Fantasizing about having a six-pack won’t make it magically appear tomorrow morning. You must be very strict with your diet and workouts. Even though it is not easy, it is doable and practical. Others have done it, why can’t you?

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