How Many Calories Does 100 Push Ups Burn?

How many calories does 100 push ups burn? Based on research, 100 push-ups will burn approximately 30 calories to 50 calories. Recently, most people have been struggling with unhealthy weight and obesity. Therefore, they’re looking for a suitable exercise that will play a significant role in burning excess calories in the body. According to science, push-ups are vital in improving your fitness level and overall well-being. A healthy individual won’t be prone to chronic health issues, such as diabetes and heart issues. A push-up is a great exercise that will help you meet your weight goals; therefore, ensure you involve push-ups in your daily workout. Within a week, you’ll have the ability to burn at least 210 calories.


There are numerous calorie-rich foods: brown rice, pork, red meat, oily fish, salmon, eggs, cheese, whole grains, and potatoes. High intake of calorie-rich foods increases your risks of developing the following health issues:

– Cognitive Impairment

There are numerous studies that link high calorie intake with mild cognitive impairment. Based on the study, this type of memory loss is noticeable, but it can’t interfere with your routine activities. Most individuals with a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment are older people because they have a weak immune system. There are numerous other ongoing researches to prove this study.

– Diabetes

If you consume more calorie-rich foods, you’ll have more odds of developing type 2 diabetes. Most calorie-rich foods are carbohydrates and fast foods; therefore, it’s important to lower your overall intake of junk foods. Mostly, you should consider consuming more fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system. Type 2 diabetes comes as a result of insufficient insulin levels in the body. In addition, you can develop diabetes if your body’s insulin receptors are insensitive. Sugar molecules in your body can’t produce energy, but instead, they’re absorbed in your bloodstream. Severe cases of type 2 diabetes cause physiological damage.

– Cardiovascular Disease

A high intake of calorie-rich foods increases fat accumulation in the body. This is the main reason why your body size will increase gradually. Your heart will work extremely harder to pump blood to all your body parts. In addition, when cholesterol accumulates in your blood vessels or extremities, your heart will struggle to meet your body’s blood demand. Increased workload on your heart will increase your odds of developing heart problems, such as heart failure. Clogged blood vessels increase your risk of high blood pressure.

– Osteoarthritis

Obese or overweight individuals are heavier. Extra weight strains your body’s joints and bones, thus increasing your probability of developing osteoarthritis. Fluid-filled cushions play a significant role in preventing bone-to-bone contact and absorbing shock during movement. Increased weight leads to the disintegration of the fluid-filled cushions. During the disintegration process, your bones will rub against each other, thus causing inflammation and excruciating pain in your joints.


Based on science, push-ups strengthen numerous muscles in the body, particularly if they are done right. Most people assume push-ups are essential when it comes to building arm muscle, but there’s more. For instance, push-ups are vital for strengthening the shoulders, chest muscles, and lat muscles. In addition, sufficient push-ups will improve all the muscles that are associated with the plank position. Some of these muscles include buttocks and abs. Push-ups are more efficient than planks when it comes to reducing belly fat. Below are the top benefits of push-ups:

1. Improves Cardiovascular System

Push ups are a component of the compound exercise because it strengthens various muscle groups. When you engage various muscle groups at the same time, your heart will work a bit harder to provide sufficient oxygenated blood to your muscle tissues. This activity is essential for cardiovascular exercise, which plays a crucial role in burning excess calories and supporting heart health. Improving your cardiovascular health is crucial in reducing your odds of developing severe heart issues.

2. Muscle Stretching for Vitality and Health

Push ups play a significant role in stretching your back muscles and biceps. During the push-ups session, lowering your body to the floor is key in stretching your back muscles. In addition, when you push yourself to a favorite starting position, your biceps will be required, thus making them obtain a full stretch. According to studies, muscle strengthening is essential in improving your overall flexibility. Being more flexible is beneficial because you’ll reduce the risk of injuries as well as obtain an attractive appearance.

3. No Equipment Needed

Most exercises require at least a single piece of equipment. If you’re restrained by the budget, push-ups are a great exercise that’ll help you attain your weight loss goals. This is because push-ups don’t need equipment; therefore, you won’t have to invest your money in a piece of exercise equipment. Most people should opt for push-ups at home.

4. Functional Exercise

Since the beginning, functional training has gained popularity. Based on research, push-ups are a great functional exercise that’ll help you in day-to-day activities. For instance, you’ll require the push-ups system to push a kid on a swing or open a door. There are numerous benefits of functional training: improve physique, enhance movement efficiency, improve movement patterns, enhance aerobic capacity, increase calorie burn, and increase lean muscle mass.

5. Strengthens Bones

One hundred push-ups a day will play a vital role in strengthening your bones. Healthy bones reduce your chances of developing bones issues, such as arthritis. Most women are more prone to osteoporosis; therefore, they should consider doing push-ups on a regular basis.

6. Aids Weight Management

As previously mentioned, most people are looking for a suitable way of reducing their weight by burning excess fat and calories. Exercising is an important way that’ll help you meet your desired fitness level. Push-ups increase your overall muscle mass, thus improving your rate of metabolism. Increased metabolism burns excess calories and fat that can increase your risk of developing chronic health conditions. Becoming more fit and slim is crucial in improving your ability to fight health issues. The effectiveness of push-ups depends on various factors, such as the intensity of your workout, your weight, gender, height, and age. Push-ups burn calories, thus aiding weight management.

7. Strengthen Multiple Muscles Simultaneously

Push-ups help in strengthening multiple muscles: upper back muscles, shoulders, chest muscles, biceps, and triceps. To maintain a proper form throughout the entire push-ups session, you should keep your leg, hip, and core muscles engaged. For individuals who are looking for a suitable exercise that’ll help in strengthening the lower body and upper body, they should opt for push-ups.

8. They’re Empowering

According to some studies, push-ups make you feel confident, strong, and capable. Most people aspire to do push-ups because they’re incredible.

9. Increases Whole Body Muscle

In a push-up session, you recruit various stabilizing and primary muscles. Utilizing a wide array of muscles in push-ups plays a great role in the production of human growth hormones. HGH promotion is essential because it improves your overall growth and development. However, the production of human growth hormone declines with age. This is the main reason why most older individuals will struggle when doing simple push-ups. Increased production of human growth hormone improves muscle growth. Therefore, you should consider incorporating push-ups in your daily exercise session.

10. Improves Posture

Improper posture increases your risk of developing certain health issues, such as weak core muscles. In order to have a proper posture, your core muscles should have the ability to support vertical positions. Push ups are a great exercise that’ll improve the muscle tone of your core. Fine-tuned core muscles will help you attain a great posture.

11. Protects your Shoulders from Injury

The most common injury experienced by older individuals is the rotator cuff injury. Therefore, it’s important to protect your rotator cuff muscles while exercising. Based on various studies, push-ups are the most effective way to safeguard your shoulder joints. Regular push-ups play a significant role in stabilizing muscles, especially which surround your rotator cuff. Improving your body’s primary and secondary shoulder muscles is crucial in reducing your risks of developing cuff injury.

12. Prevent Lower Back Injuries

Your lower back supports every movement during the push-ups session. Regular push-ups stabilize torso movements. Being consistent is crucial in strengthening this vulnerable part of your body. In addition, push-ups play a vital role in improving muscles on your lower back, thus reducing lower back pressure. Reducing your odds of being injured is essential because it prevents unnecessary spending on medications.


There are numerous types of push-ups. Each type of push-up has a specific duty in building a certain portion of body muscles. As previously mentioned, you can do push-ups at any given place and time because you don’t need equipment. Push-ups target the triceps, shoulders, and chest. Below are some of the key variations of push ups:

a. Wide Hands Push Up

Wide hands push up targets the core and the upper body. This exercise focuses on the pectoral muscles.

b. Strict Push Up

Strict push-ups play a significant role in strengthening the upper body, especially the triceps, shoulders, and chest. In addition, this type of variation will focus on the back and core muscles. Beginners should start this type of push up at a standard position whereby the feet aren’t more than twelve inches apart. In addition, your arms should be straight. You should breathe in when you’re bending your elbows. Additionally, breathe out as you start to push back up. The process should be repetitive until you reach 100 push-ups sessions.

c. Triangle Push Up

This type of push up concentrate on strengthening your core and upper body. In addition, these push-ups focus on your triceps. In a triangle push-up session, you should begin in a plank position. Your thumbs, as well as the index fingers, should form a triangle in between. This means that you should put your hands together at an angle of 45 degrees. Make sure your elbows are tight, and then bend down slowly to lower your chest. Repeat the same procedure until you reach your target push-ups.

d. Super Push Up

This type of push up works the core, triceps, and shoulders. In addition, it plays a significant role in improving your flexibility.

e. Sphinx Push Up

Sphinx push-ups are essential in strengthening the core and upper body. The main focus is on the triceps. If you’re a beginner, start in a plank position and ensure your shoulder width is apart and parallel to your forearms which are flat on the ground.

f. Staggered Hands Push Up

Staggered hand push-ups require core activation for purposes of stability. In a standard push up position, ensure your hands are offset, whereby one hand is backward and the other one forward. Bend your elbows slowly to lower the chest until it’s below your bent elbow. In staggered hands push-ups, it’s important to keep your elbows tight.

g. Cross-Body Push Up

Cross-body push up play a vital role in strengthening your upper body. This type of push ups focuses on the hip flexors, core, and shoulders.

h. Power and Clap Push Ups

This type of push ups is key in developing power in the shoulders, triceps, and chest. In power and clap push-ups, you should push your body upwards with force to ensure your hands leave the ground with some inches. It’s important to ensure your hips level and back are flat throughout the workout. Power push-ups and clapping helps you improve your muscle strength because you’ll require various muscle groups.

i. Archer Push Up

Archer push ups apply more bodyweight to a single arm. The other arm provides enough assistance throughout the entire process.

j. Flying Push Up

This type of push up variation develops dynamic power, especially if you’re more consistent. There are two distinct flying push ups: superman push up and clapping jacks. Based on research, clapping jacks is a bit harder, but the superman push-ups tend to be the hardest.

k. One-Arm Push Up

One-arm push-up doubles your body’s weight on a single arm. This will, therefore, activate the core for stability. This type of push up variation means that you’ll have to perform push-ups with one arm. The other arm should be behind your back. Keep your feet wider to improve your balance. In addition, maintain level hips and a flat back throughout the session.


Push ups are a simple exercise, but most individuals tend to make mistakes. Using the right push-ups strategy, you’ll experience Increased strength, more muscle, and faster results. Below are some the reliable tips that will help you make push-ups more productive.

i. Squeeze your Glutes

According to scientists, the glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body. In addition, they’re among the most inactive muscles in the body. Squeezing your glutes improves posture, protects the lower back, maintains a neutral shape, and provides full-body tension.

ii. Brace your Core

Bracing your core is important because it prevents you from rounding the spine. In addition, it prevents you from doing the “banana back” type of push ups which aren’t effective or productive. Bracing is essential in reducing your risks of getting injured, especially during the push up session. It does this through engaging your core and enforcing a neutral spine. This is important because it makes the push ups a full-body workout.

iii. Grip the Floor

In order to grip the floor properly, change your hands’ position to ensure your thumbs are facing each other. In addition, open your fingers and grip the floor properly. Improving your overall grip is essential because it helps you to engage your upper-back muscles. Therefore, your full-body workout will tighten your triceps and lats.

iv. Pack Your Elbows

Flaring your elbows wide is a common mistake that people make. This mistake is the common cause of rotator cuff muscle injury and shoulder injury. Based on specialists, you should pack your elbows in order to have minimal space between your body’s sides and armpits. This approach is recommended because it improves shoulder health. Additionally, it creates a better motion in your chest and shoulders.

v. Ensure your Spine and Neck Are Aligned

When you’re doing push ups, you shouldn’t tuck your chin or look up straight. These mistakes can lead to spine and neck injuries. Therefore, it’s important to keep your neck and spine in a neutral position. This means that your entire body should form a parallel line to the ground, particularly from the head to the feet. This plays a great role in making the push ups movement easier. Also, you shouldn’t shrug your shoulders when doing push ups. This is because shrugging your shoulders can compromise the alignment of your neck and lower back. Therefore, you’ll have a higher risk of being injured in the process.

vi. Clench your Backside

Based on research, squeezing your butt makes you maintain a proper form throughout the entire session. Relaxation on the glutes will compromise the effectiveness of the push ups because your lower back will drop towards the ground. Reducing stress on your lower back lowers your risk of being injured.

vii. Remember the Breath

Inhaling and exhaling are crucial parts of the push up session. According to science, your body requires sufficient oxygen to create energy. The energy produced is crucial in burning excess calories and fats. Breath in when you’re lowering yourself, and breathe out when you’re pushing yourself up. Ensure that you breathe heavily to improve oxygen content in your body.

viii. Don’t Let Gravity Help You

Letting your body fall down abruptly without working on it is a mistake that most people make when performing push ups. In order to have the full impact of the push ups, lower your body slowly. This is essential because it helps your body muscles work effectively during both motions. In addition, this approach will help you improve your upper body.


Push ups are a simple exercise, but most individuals will make mistakes. Improper pushing up isn’t recommended because you’ll be at a higher risk of being injured. Most people make mistakes in this exercise because they lack sufficient knowledge of what proper push-ups entail. Below are some of the common mistakes of performing push-ups.

* Letting Elbows Flare

Flying elbows adds unnecessary stress to your shoulders. Therefore, you should consider placing your hands in the right position. Make sure your wrists are not angled outwards or inwards. In addition, your elbows should point back at 60 degrees from your body.

* Letting your Lower Back Sag

When you let your lower back sag, you’re doing ineffective push-ups because some essential muscles won’t be engaged. Most people who let their lower back sag have insufficient baseline strength. In addition, poor core strength can contribute to this problem. To improve this situation, you should consider placing your hands on a raised surface and try to do effective push-ups.

* You Drop Your Head

Maintaining spinal alignment is an essential aspect that’ll improve the effectiveness of push-ups. Most people are concerned with completing push-ups sessions without considering the quality of the push-ups. People tend to drop their heads when they lack adequate strength to complete a certain set of push-ups. Therefore, you should keep your neck in a neutral position.

* Wrong Hand Placement

Proper hand placement is a crucial aspect of proper push-ups. Most individuals place their hands too far forward and too wide. This mistake puts more pressure on your shoulders.

* Pumping Out Reps Rapidly

Fast push-ups and pulsing push-ups go hand-in-hand. It’s important to focus and control both the lowering phase and the pushing up phase. Ensure you inhale and exhale consistently to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the exercise.


Push-up is an essential exercise that’ll help you burn excess calories and fats. Therefore, if you’re looking for a great exercise that will help you attain your weight loss goals, consider push-ups. Weight management and burning belly fat will help you improve your health and overall well-being.

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