Is Coffee Safe for a Pre Workout Drink and What Should be Used Instead

Coffee is commonly used as a pre-workout drink because of the way it boosts your metabolism. Believe it or not, you’re going to feel a bit light before your workout. Be sure to take it a few hours before the actual workout and that includes a bunch of stretching techniques. We all know how it is important to stretch before a workout. Also, working out for such a short time would be useless as you would need something to motivate you. If you think coffee is that magic ingredient then you could have something there. Additionally, coffee is pretty much a universal drink as it is readily available in stores on every street. Whether it is the supermarket or even the grocery, you know you can buy one that is pretty cheap. Of course, you can’t expect the quality to be a bit high when the price is a bit low. It would now be time to take a good long look at coffee being used as a pre-workout drink. It is evident some highly successful athletes do it and it could be included in their story as they rise to the top of the mountain. We all know not everyone gets there so when someone does then we eventually praise that person as much as possible like it is the end of the world. After a few years, we would eventually forget what we did. Coffee is usually drunk in the morning as it is normal for each household to have coffee making machines so that it would be easy to make one. There is no denying the rise of coffee shops everywhere and you can’t say it would be for them but also for you when you try to risk it all out in an effort to try a business. If drinking coffee is your passion then you can’t blame yourself for trying it because even if you don’t really gain that much profit, you still got to spend the best times of your life with people you love in the business. Surely, drinking coffee before working out is something you would want to spread to your customers if ever the business does push through. After all, it is one of those dreams that you would want to come true as you would wake up every single morning with the realization that you actually own something. After that, you can head over to your parents and try to make them proud after they raise you all those years. When you drink coffee, make sure to avoid cruel products like there is actually a coffee product made from the wastes of civet cats. As terrible as that sounds, it is painful to realize that people would actually try and take out civet cats in the wild just for a few dollars. These people are greedy and smart people should realize that as soon as possible. Now, we take a look at the effects of drinking coffee before working out on your body:


A lot of bodybuilders attempt to drink coffee before a scheduled workout due to all of the benefits it brings to the table. Of course, the most popular one is increased endurance because you can’t help but think of all the stuff you can run into when you want to exercise longer than what you were planning. For example, you wanted to work out for three hours but you got tired a bit easier and ended up doing just one. When you are out of shape, it is normal to run out of air so fast. That won’t be the case anymore when you try and drink coffee before a workout. Just make sure you do it at the right time or else you could find yourself trying to go to the restroom in the middle of the workout. As they say, that would be such a shame because you are trying to halt your momentum. When you go back to working out, you may not be in the mood anymore even if you were looking forward to working your biceps and shoulders. At first, that would be great with all the time you have in exercising. You could even feel motivated to wake up early in the morning in order to exercise and get that out of the way rather easily in order to focus on much more important things in your life. We all know how that would be hard to do and everyone just has their own way of trying to get things done. Another benefit is increased alertness. Thankfully, this does not only apply to working out at the gym but for the rest of the day. For example, you will remember to log out of the office when you leave that place. You will also remember to tip the water when you leave the restaurant. When someone throws something at you, it is evident you’re going to catch it because you are alert. After all, people would admire you for that and you can look forward to getting praised by your bosses. Another perk is the enhanced focus as you can be distracted while working out especially when there are plenty of beautiful people at the gym. While these people may not catch you gawking at them, you can be caught at the CCTV and that is never a good thing for your image. Thus, better just do what you were meaning to do at the gym then you can exit from there. Besides, you would want to get the most out of your membership by hiring a personal trainer who can teach you the ins and outs of the gym while having a common goal that you will try to achieve at the very end. At first, you will try and do stuff like that but you will eventually lose focus. Of course, that won’t happen when coffee is involved in the conversation but as they say, too much of something can be a bit too dangerous. Another benefit of drinking coffee before exercising would be none other than improved jumping and running performance. This would surely be good news for those who play sports instead of going to the gym. Surely, you’d want to excel in your performance because you would want to impress the scouts and get a chance of becoming a professional one day. That would surely be a boost in your basketball performance when you jump high and just look down at all the people there trying to get to what you have. As they say, you’re trying to reach your full potential with the rest of the other players trying to try out with you. Of course, you can’t deny the fact that basketball players get paid a lot of money. It goes to show how popular basketball is because many people would pay to see these superstars perform. That is not even including the endorsement deals that the popular one gets. While the rags to riches stories of some players are tearful, you would just need to practice a lot and eat the right food to get to the promised land. While every household drinks coffee, you have to wonder how much a grown basketball player would drink. For example, high-profile basketball players get endorsement deals from shoe brands such as Under Armor or even Adidas. Suddenly, they’re going to have shoes named after them plus a whole bunch of new commercials. Of course, muscle strength is another benefit of caffeine and you will love how you can lift all those heavy dumbells that were not able to lift in the past. Just be sure you don’t show it off in front of other bodybuilders or else they will try and do the same and you will end up feeling dumb and sorry about yourself. As usual, it would pay to be humble when nobody is asking you to show off too often.


Believe it or not, there are some disadvantages to drinking coffee before working out. Not surprisingly, one of them is not being able to sleep that much. Coffee is pretty popular due to the fact that it keeps people awake at night. It is for people who are trying to study for a big exam the next day. It is also for people who are trying to finish something at work because the deadline is near. There is a good reason why there are coffee machines in offices that have instant coffee especially when the workers there work late at night. Working the graveyard shift is never a good thing to stomach because you work when everyone else is awake. After that, you’d think you would never have nightlife again. Besides, going to those night clubs then going home at 2 in the morning would be tough for your life especially as you lose sleep over it. While it would be nice to mingle with other people who are used to it, you could end up falling asleep when you drink a bit too much alcohol and you find out you are not up to it. Better test it for a few days and see if you can keep up or just stay away from it if you know what is good for you. The fact of the matter is that it would be hard to adjust to something like that, especially when you’re trying to do something that you’ve been meaning to do for quite a while and that is to prove yourself. It is important to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. Anything below that and you can be hospitalized. After all, you can’t really commit to a night shift even if it pays a lot. There are risks for a night job especially one that demands a shifting schedule. As you know, you can’t always hand it to those people who stay awake at night because it would be hard to get used to. When you are not working then you can’t really imagine what you would do. While playing games would entertain you, it is probably something you will regret when you grow up. In addition, you would Not surprisingly, having stomach problems is another downside to drinking coffee. You can never really tell whether your tummy could take too much caffeine. Better see a doctor when something goes wrong with your tummy. The doctors are there for a reason so better tell them to get to work. Don’t forget to be honest while answering all of your questions. Besides, they ask those questions for a reason and it is to treat your sickness properly. While you would confirm it to be a tummy illness, they could conclude it to be something else you’ve been trying to avoid all of your life. On the flip side, if you find out that coffee is good for you then you could find yourself spending hours at the nearest Starbucks. It is actually a great place to study and highlight stuff in your books. You can even keep an open mind and meet lots of new people if you want to. The truth is you can go out of your comfort zone and do stuff you’ve never done before. For example, if you are used to dairy in your coffee drink, you can take that next vegan step and choose their dairy substitute as that would promote health and well-being especially for the environment as we know we must take good care of that since nobody else would. Having stomach pain at the worst possible time would be terrible. How would it feel when you would have it late at night and you’d have a hard time sleeping. Yes, it is going to be one problem after the other. There is even the possibility that this habit would lead to anxiousness. Of course, you can’t really be anxious when you are out in public as other people would notice. That would also affect your everyday tasks and when you’re out there, it can’t be too good to know what you can or can’t do. There will be times when you can’t even get a hold of your actions when you’re a bit too anxious. It is actually possible to be let down when you are a bit too anxious about something and you were disappointed with the end result. Jitters is another horrid effect and you can be too nervous that you will end up eating a lot more than your body can take. Having the jitters can also lead to many cancellations about things that you were actually proud of in the first place. Besides, having jitters is something not a lot of people are proud of so better observe the first signs you have it then find out how you can get rid of them. There is also the misfortune of having an increased heart rate which won’t be good for anyone you know so when you experience any of those things, better go see a doctor right away before the condition gets a bit worse.

All About the Timing

It is highly suggestive that drinking coffee an hour before the workout is the best thing to do so that you can give it enough time for the stuff to happen. There is no need to be a bit desperate and even panic if you fail to drink it. After all, you can just put pictures of the bodybuilders you look up at the gym so that you will feel a bit motivated to work out for several hours. When that happens, you’re going to feel the effects of trying it a bit too hard. Besides, you’ll be in the gym most of the time especially when you paid for a monthly membership. It is evident you will be trying a bit too hard to test everything out when you’re trying to be the boss in this scenario. As usual, there are haters who are trying to make you drink other drinks but don’t pay too much attention to them. What’s important is what the health experts say because they’ve studied the effects of caffeine for quite a long time. There are people who would post before and after pictures of them working out while drinking coffee before it. While it has yet to be proven that this is actually magical, you can bet it would be great for them when they’re proud of the effects of caffeine. Of course, you can’t owe it all to that as your effort should be a lot when you work out at the gym or at home. As the world is dealing with a pandemic, we are now trying to adjust to doing everything at home. While the world is slowly going back to normal, there will always be the possibility of getting the virus. Hence, you must always be a bit careful with what you have. It always pays to be a bit too careful especially when you are at a public place and a lot of people have been there.

Possible Alternatives

It is always highly recommended to get yourself hydrated before a workout. in fact, health experts would recommend drinking at least seven to eight glasses of water a day> if it goes over that then you will probably find yourself using the restroom quite often. Water contains no health risks so drinking it is your best option right now. Add that to the fact that you’ll be trying to call stuff even as we speak. There are dozens of protein shakes out in the market and you can try that. Of course, it would still depend on how your body would respond to all of those drinks. it would be tough to just drink all these things without knowing what would happen after that. We all have just one body so we must take good care of it no matter what happens. There are times when we eat or drink something and we won’t really feel the effects until ten or twenty years from now. When that happens, you would really have nobody else to blame but yourself. Eating and drinking healthy is the way to go. You can’t really expect to slim down when you just exercise and working out and going on a diet would go hand in hand. You can actually take your time in thinking of an alternative and try out different ones. You can always conclude which among those things would be best for you moving forward. After all, you can take tons of factors into consideration including the taste and price. Besides, you would not want to spend too much for an expensive drink that you will be taking every time you work out when there are cheaper options out there. There will be times when you will regret something as you will think you could have spent that money on something else.

In conclusion, you can always choose coffee as your drink before exercising. It is normal for people to ask ‘is coffee safe for a pre workout drink what should be used instead’ question all the time. When you run into people who ask you that question then you should already know what to tell them. It is unlikely any doctor would recommend coffee so you must ask them if it is okay for your health. Don’t be surprised if they try and dive into your family history in order to find out the truth. It is nothing personal though as they are just doing their job. It is normal to be craving for coffee every now and then as you can imagine it to be mixed with other ingredients and it would still make for a delicious drink. As usual, you would crave for food that would go along with it and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it satisfied your cravings.

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